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Exhibit at Alley Cat Books Opens June 1, 2019

JUANA ALICIA Featured in San Francisco Art Commission’s PASSPORT 2014


Juana Alicia and the Alliance for California Traditional Arts

Juana Alicia Tradition Chicano mural painting  The Chicano Mural Movement began in the 1960s in Mexican-American barrios throughout the Southwest. Artists began using the walls of city buildings, housing projects, schools, and churches to depict Mexican-American culture.  Chicano muralism has been linked to pre-Columbian peoples…

Kickstarter Campaign for REALM Charter School Mural

KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN FOR TRUE COLORS’ LATEST PROJECT AT THE REALM CHARTER SCHOOL IN WEST BERKELEY Fresh Start: Interactive Mural @ Realm Charter School – True Colors Mural Project 2012 True Colors is the public murals program based at Berkeley City College, fiscally sponsored…

About True Colors

True Colors Mural Project at Berkeley City College and Earth Island Institute   Making Berkeley Greener and More Beautiful, One Wall at a Time! TRUE COLORS MURAL PROJECT True Colors is the public murals program at Berkeley City College, founded and directed by…

Successful Funding Campaign for the Satellite Mural Installation

Update #10: Preparing for Satellite Installation, Launching a New Project Posted 3 days ago edit this post Hello Friends and Supporters, First of all, thank you for making the upcoming mural installation possible. For those of you that completed your surveys and sent me your…

True Colors Mural Project at Inkworks Press

Visions of Peace and Justice prf   Inkworks Color Sketch, True Colors Mural Project ©2010 Support Youth Arts: THE INKWORKS MURALDonate Today to Support the Youth Arts Program and Make the Mural a Reality See below for information on tax deductible donations to this exciting…

La Llorona project, San Francisco

Juana Alicia finished her new mural titled “La Llorona’s Sacred Waters” in June of 2004 at the corners of York and 24th Streets. With fiscal sponsorship by The San Francisco Women’s Center and the Galeria de la Raza, the support of Las Trenzas Latina Student…

A Woman’s Place

A WOMAN’S PLACE: A WARRIOR IN THE STRUGGLE FOR INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY/EL LUGAR DE LA MUJER: UNA GUERRILLA EN LA LUCHA PARA LA SOLIDARIDAD INTERNACIONAL Bridging the gaps of language, culture and gender is a thrilling and difficult endeavor. The mural project that the United Electrical…


“Santuario/Sanctuary” at San Francisco International Airport Santuario is a collaborative work between Juana Alicia and Emmanuel C. Montoya, located at the new international terminal of the San Francisco International Airport. The collaborative work, a two-story fresco framed by a suite of bas relief sculptures, will…

UCSF Medical Walls Mural – Completed

Encantada Gallery Show Extended

**SHOW EXTENDED ** Juana Alicia Pinturas * Paintings June 30th to July 31st – Extended til August 5! Gallery hours: Tues – Sun, 12 – 6 pm Fri – Sat, 12 to 8 pm Public parking 21st @Bartlett Street and Valencia @20th Street For more…

Photos of UCSF Medical Center Project in Progress

Juana Alicia’s new suite of four bas relief ceramic tile murals and a 67′ long sidewalk, entitled “SANARTE: Diversity’s Pathway”, located at the Ambulatory Care Clinic of UCSF Medical Center at 400 Parnassus Avenue, has recently been installed by Rocket Science. The images below are…

The Process of Making La Llorona

Please see the following images taken throughout the process of making La Llorona.

Juana Alicia Thanks Her Community

Juana Alicia wishes to thank the following individuals for assisting her with the project in many ways:

San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano, Marine Andoh-Alle, Claudia Avila, Marta Ayala, Miranda Bergman,
Edythe Boone, Mario Chabl??, Bruni Davila, Tony Deifell, Monica Enriquez, Brooke Estin, Susana Gallardo and
her students, Jami Gazzaniga, Miguel Gonzalez, Tirso Gonzalez, Harmony of Pop’s Bar, Leticia Hernandez,
Sarah Hussain, Ann Leimer, Eliana Kaya, Barbara Lekisch, Beatriz Leyva-Cutler, Teresa Mejia[…]

Leticia Hernández Interview with Juana Alicia

Leticia HernandezSection of Llorona mural

[The following is based on an interview with Juana Alicia on October 6, 2003. With the artist’s permission, I have integrated her words with my own so that the narrative flows like the currents that inform it. It was published in The National Organizers Alliance Newsletter (Jan 2004, Issue 21)]

Many cultures have myths about female water spirits, many of which are tales of warning. And maybe we should be warned, because no doubt the water spirits are anxious. The myth most familiar to me is that of La Siguanaba, who lives in the river in wait of unfaithful husbands and misbehaving children. Siguanaba is a combination of words in Nahuatl, meaning spirit of a woman. She is the spirit of a woman, say legends from Central America, made ugly by rain god, Tlaloc, because of her disobedience. Woman’s power, like that of water, is feared and misunderstood even by gods. Juana Alicia paints stories of struggle, strength, and survival. Her art takes the archetypes that characterize our condition as women and show us their history, their beauty and their future–in full color and life-size. The roles that she plays in her life are many, and like the waves of the sea, they move together: muralist, printmaker, educator, activist, painter, mother. The walls of many important places in San Francisco, such as the Women’s Building and the International Airport, hold the stories that her brush has recorded for us. Juana Alicia draws our faces for us on the sides of buildings.

La Llorona Completed in June 2004

Juana Alicia has just finished her new mural at the corners of York and 24th Streets, “La Llorona’s Sacred Waters”. With fiscal sponsorship by The San Francisco Women’s Center and the Galer??a de la Raza, the support of Las Trenzas Latina Student and
Alumnae Organization of UC Berkeley, and funding from The Potrero Nuevo Fund, The San Francisco Mayor’s Neighborhood Beautification Fund, the Greppi and Leone family and private donors, the artist was able to complete this project on women, water and globalization, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District.

UCSF Walls

Design Concept for Ceramic Tile Murals at UCSF Medical Center

These are the images for a suite of five new mural pieces for the Parnassus Campus of UCSF Medical Center. These drawings were originally conceived as two murals on either side of Millberry Union, but the site has changed; so too will the drawings. The fabrication of my new design began in January of 2005.

Juana Alicia in Trazos Show at the Galeria de la Raza

Galería/STUDIO 24 Calendar of events: August 1st – August 15 2857 24TH ST. @ BRYANT SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 415 826 8009 7/ON 35th anniversary visual arts programming continues with an homage to the POP! in north/south border cultures TRAZOS:MYTH AND MEMORY The second…

Giclee Prints

Many of my works are available as “giclee” or high quality digital prints. For a detailed explanation about the process and advantages of purchasing a giclee print, please see Thank you. Many images from my gallery, such as the work shown below, are currently…

The Making of La Llorona

Please click below for a larger view of each mural shot.

Lla Llorona Mural, Juana Alicia, ?? World Rights Reserved 2004