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UCSF Walls

Design Concept for Ceramic Tile Murals at UCSF Medical Center

These are the images for a suite of five new mural pieces for the Parnassus Campus of UCSF Medical Center. These drawings were originally conceived as two murals on either side of Millberry Union, but the site has changed; so too will the drawings. The fabrication of my new design began in January of 2005.

The mural project celebrates and symbolizes diversity is based on unity through diversity, and the notion that dualities create a whole, vibrant and ever changing world. Therefore, I have elected to design a bas relief, ceramic tile suite of murals for the four walls on the Ambulatory Care Elevator Building, as well as on the walkway leading from the sidewalk to that building. The suite will use the central unifying theme of the DNA molecule, the symbol of the key to the structure of life itself.

I will also include imagery inspired from wave theory, such as damped and orthogonal oscillations as motifs in the designs. I will create imagery that reflects the dynamic balance that natural and social movements seek to achieve in order to maintain a healthy and diverse world. The murals will represent healing traditions throughout the world, self-care and the internal work we do to heal ourselves, as well as the social and natural movements that have brought about diversity, with a focus on the special history of UCSF. The images emphasize the excellent work of the medical center, which has been supported by and diversified through the efforts of students, staff and community. I am using much of the original imagery presented in my proposals to the University, but it has been re-designed to accommodate and fully exploit the potential of the bas relief medium and changed dimensions of the walls for which it is intended.